Jobs for Indians in Ohio

Landing a well paying job in Ohio is very hard for Indians if you're not young with Computer Science or Pharmacy or Medical background.

Whether it's Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati or Cleveland or any other town in Ohio, the job market for non-IT guys is very tight.

Plus, the slowdown in the U.S. economy, loss of coal and steel jobs over the last few decades has made a bad situation terrible for a lot of desi job seekers in Ohio.

With tightening of Work Visa rules by Trump's White House, Indians with Green Cards stand a much better chance of landing a job than those on H1-B Visas or the so-called illegals (i.e., without legal status and work permits).

Here are a bunch of jobs in different sectors (retail outlets, motels, restaurants, IT Companies etc.) that Indians in Ohio area can apply for.

September 15, 2021
Tandoori & Curry Chefs
Dayton, OH Indian Restaurant
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 937-768-9880

Curry & Tandoori Chef
OH Indian Restaurant
Call: 330-671-1107

Live-in Manager Couple
St George, UT Motel
Requirements: 1-yr customer service experience, excellent computer & communication skills
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 562-230-1193

Curry & Tandoori Chef
Kansas Indian Restaurant
Call: 816-491-6009

General Manager
Minneapolis, MN Motel
Requirements: Experience
Call: 651-440-6686

Columbus, OH Indian Restaurant
Call: 614-783-7526br>